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Forum public meetings

The St Hilary Village Forum is an opportunity to meet fellow villagers informally to discuss village things.  Any villager can attend forum meetings.
The inaugural village forum was held on in April 2016 with follow-up meetings in September and April 2017.

The next forum meeting is being planned for Tuesday, 16 January 2018.

Meet – Share – Gossip - Discuss

Amongst many other things, we discuss:

• What's happening in the village – an events update

• What's not happening in the village – eg broadband

• What needs to be done – eg roads, paths, signs

• What's coming up – local and national celebrations

• What would be useful on the village website

• Who's who and who's doing what

• What people would like to happen in the village – both children and grown-ups

It's an opportunity to:

• Find out what's going on

• Air issues and concerns

• Put forward ideas for activities

• People new to the village to meet other villagers

• Long standing members of the village can meet new villagers

• Gossip can be shared and moans can be aired