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Purpose and rationale of the Forum

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Being active within our community helps all of us to have a more interesting life, develop friendships, stay healthy and feel happier. Communities thrive when people are better connected and support systems are in place. That is the rationale for the St Hilary Forum.

The purpose of the Forum is to ensure that everyone who lives in our community:

  •  is well connected and has a voice 
  •  can initiate and be involved in activities that support the community

Why have a Forum

There is already lot of activity in the village:

• The Village Hall Committee hosts the St David's Day and safari suppers and ad-hoc events.

• In addition to Sunday services, the Church holds the thanksgiving supper, summer lunch, coffee mornings and other events.

• The Choir is busy with Remembrance Day and carol services as well as helping lots of other groups in and around the village.

• Liz and Andy at the Bush support the village with quizzes, Easter and Christmas celebrations.

• Charities, including MacMillan and NSPCC, hold regular events and there are other charitable activities every year

• There have also been foraging markets, jubilee celebrations, plant sales and afternoon teas.

• The Community Council is responsible for delivering local services and upkeep of local amenities but has limited funds, covers a wider area than St Hilary and few villagers are fully aware of all of its role and activities

However, people have told us that there isn't anything in the village that takes a village-wide perspective. For example, the main purpose of the Village Hall Committee is to maintain the hall, the Church is serving the needs of the congregation and the charities are focussed on their causes. All that is great and also provides the opportunity for the village to come together.

But there is no one place where:

• People can find out what's going on

• Air issues and concerns

• Put forward ideas for activities

• People new to the village can meet other villagers

• Long standing members of the village can meet new villagers

• Gossip can be shared and moans can be aired

The aim of St Hilary Forum is to meet these needs.