The Forum’s core is made up of working parties, teams and task & finish groups of Members (residents).  The groups and teams are called Clusters.  The minimum number of Members for a Cluster is two.

Anyone can set up a Cluster as long as it carries out activities and/or contributes to communication in the community and/or supports the work of the Forum.

Each Cluster nominates a Cluster Lead (which need not be the person who set it up).  The Cluster Leads form the Forum Panel, which is responsible for managing and co-ordinating activity.  The members of the Panel appoint one of the members to be the Co-ordinator, who is responsible for convening the Panel in accordance with this constitution.  The Panel can co-opt anybody to be a member, and they are an equal member.

Clusters (lead in bold)

·        Ad-hoc and one-off projects (eg Downs bench): Charlie Bithell

·       Bulbs and planting: Clare Green

·       Christmas decorations: Kevin Wilkinson

·       Comunication, technology and networking: Liz Loch

·        Cut, Clear and Clean: Terry Dennis (Co-ordinator) 

·        Finance: Tim Neudegg (Treasurer)

·        Events: James Davidson

·        Litter picking: Heather Morrison

·        Marquee and awning: Neil Warnock

·        Telephone Box: Caroline Neudegg 

(8 October 2021)