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Here’s a fantastic report from Caroline Neudegg about the usage of the telephone box over the last few months which has included:

  • Christmas 2020
  • Valentines Bake Defibrillator Appeal
  • Marie Curie appeal
  • Welsh language
  • Campaigns
  • Ad Hoc Collections and sales
  • Magazines, books and puzzles
  • Maintenance

Caroline thanks a lot of people in her note. In return, we give Caroline a massive vote of thanks for her enthusiasm and ongoing commitment to ensure iconic red box is used for so many interesting and worthwhile activities and causes.

Here is the link to the history of the telephone box.

 Christmas 2020

The 12 Days of Christmas collections were extremely well supported. Donations were for The Dusty Forge Food Bank in Ely and the Vale Food Bank with soft toys and games going to The Big Wrap
The polar bear, wintery decorations for December and Winter’s Eve were enjoyed by a wide range of people. Thanks especially to Terry and his lighting team and Helen Bithell for sorting and packing donations on the 13th day!

Telephone Box Takeaways followed the 12 days of donations. Children could visit for a candy canes and numerous Christmas craft/ card activity packs. Over 30 decorations and packs were collected and approximately 50 candy canes were consumed! Massive thanks to Monica for craft packs and Rae Kitchen for generously supplying beautiful handmade tree decorations.

Valentines Bake Defibrillator Appeal

Liz Loch led the drive to raise money for the village defibrillator, which needed new paediatric pads. Perhaps because delicious homemade cakes were on offer in exchange for a donation, the event raised £355! The pads, signs and maintenance have been achieved. Huge thanks to all the bakers: Gill H, Monica and Liz

Marie Curie

Mary Llewellyn ran a very well supported fundraiser for the charity. Mary (and family) baked and delivered over 800 welsh cakes raising over £600! Several deliveries were by her grandchildren on horseback. The telephone box was an excellent central collection point.

Welsh language

You may have noticed that there have been a few more signs and notices in and on the box in Welsh. This is thanks to Nia, in Morawelon (and others have offered to help with translation). I hope this continues and grows as we have several Welsh speaking families in St. Hilary. Perhaps a Welsh language weekend or materials could be a theme in the box in the coming year.


Swish, Swish Save the Fish – an innovative use of the box for an environmental message. Dylan, my grandson, was concerned about over-fishing and polluting of the oceans and mounted a poster campaign.

Meaningful May, men’s mental health awareness campaigns etc. have feature in the box – thanks to Helen.

Coming Soon: National Hygiene Bank Week July 5th – 11th. Liz Loch will be using the box for an additional focus on the charity and encouraging donations to support the charity’s work locally.

It would be wonderful to see still more campaign messages highlighted through using the box as an art gallery or information/ education point – anyone can use the space

Ad Hoc Collections and sales

Samantha Hayes of Dove Love Pottery, who has a studio and runs classes at Coed Hills, has had a steady stream of recycled packaging materials left for her at the telephone box. She would like to express her thanks as the packaging materials (small boxes and bubblewrap etc.).

Small to medium sized glass jars and bottles are appreciated by Monica and I. It is good to be able to recycle the glass and fill them with produce for our annual Forager’s Market

Spare plants and seeds have been made available for sharing or as small fundraisers.

Magazines, books and puzzles

People kindly continue to donate magazines eg The Economist, Good Housekeeping, The Week, RSPB publications etc. Out of date materials are recycled or donated to charity shops. It is important that the space does not become over messy and crowded or a dumping space.


Many thanks to Charles and Jane Williams for maintaining the area around the telephone box and keeping it looking lovely (with additional plants from Monica too).

Stone Pathway – thanks to funding from Andy our lovely Postie, we have been able to improve access to the telephone box

Urgent repairs are required to stop further deterioration of the bottom of the front wooden door. John, from Wood Reincarnation, has provided guidance. This is planned for July/August

There will also be a repaint in July/ August in ‘post office red’.

And finally……….

There are so many people who have been involved with projects at the telephone box, and I may have forgotten someone (I have not even covered the Easter events)! So here is a general big thank you, from me, for everyone’s involvement, interested and help over the last year! Let’s continue to make the iconic red telephone box a positive little resource for our village.

If you would like to see a collection of photographs from some of the events held in and around the box over the last 12 months, see the photobook, currently inside the kiosk.

It would be lovely to see other villagers (groups, families, individuals and always children) takeover the box for an event or campaign – so spread the word that is available at short notice or can be booked in for a specific date. Where possible I will help with setting up/decorating the box and publicity, if required. So think ‘outside the box’ for future uses of the space.

Caroline Neudegg
June 2021