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Local Walks and Maps
In this section is the series of walking guides based on the village which were prepared during 2009 and 2010.  To download the guide as a pdf you can either click on the link below (the walks are in order of length) or on the menu on the left
Places of interest (The Clump, Beaupre Castle, Coed Hills)
St Hilary to Cowbridge (4 routes - 1.8 to 2.9 miles)
St Hilary North (3.8 miles / 1.5 hours)
St Hilary West (6.4 miles / 2.1 hours)
St Hilary South West (7.7 miles / 2.8 hours)
St Hilary North East (8.6 miles / 3.0 hours)
St Hilary South East (9.1 miles / 6.6 hours)
St Hilary North West (10.8 miles / 4.0 hours)
St Hilary South (11.1 miles / 4.2 hours)

Maps of the Village
In addition, there is a map of the location of houses in the village - useful if you need to provide directions to family, friends or delivery van drivers.  There map is in two forms: click on the link for the
vector free graphic version (for the geeks, this version is amazing - no matter how far you zoom in, the image does not pixallate); or, click on this link for the aerial photo version based on Google Maps.

If you want any advice on walks around the village, please contact the web master (bottom link on the menu on the left) – or
click here.
There is also a group of villagers who meet regularly for a walk around the village.